We would like to thank everyone who came out and attended the 7th annual MSIR-RFS scientific meeting and we would especially like to thank Dr. Joseph Erinjeri MD who made the trip from Memorial Sloan Kettering for his talk on “Advanced Topics in Interventional Radiology and their clinical applications” which I’m sure we all found very informative and interesting.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the MSIR-RFS annual research awards and thank everyone for their presentations. 

Resident Research award winner:

Nishant Patel from the University of Michigan with “Endovascular Thrombolysis for Extremity Frostbite Decreases Digital Amputation and Hospital Length of Stay”

Runner up winners:

Steven Han from the University of Michigan with “Great Saphenous Vein Access Facilitates Endovascular Venous Interventions”
Hakob Kocharyan from the Detroit Medical Center with “Cost effective hands-on procedural training”

Medical student research award winner(s):
Jordan Fenlon and Charles H Brewerton from Western Michigan Medical School with “Renal Vein Confluence Stenting”

We also would like to thank Dr. Gonda of Southfield Radiology Associates for his continued sponsorship of the Annual Research Awards.

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